Born in Oxfordshire, England, Alex Rimes began her musical journey at the age of five, learning piano and later oboe and classical guitar.  She read music at Bristol University, obtaining a Masters Degree in Musicology, with distinction.  After University she assembled a home recording studio and continued her musical studies into classical orchestration and experimental sound design. 

Alex has a particular interest in music for theatre and moving images. In addition to composing chamber and concert music, she has written and recorded several original scores for her local company The Sinodun Players, collaborating with directors, producers and choreographers to provide music for live drama, dance and complex scene and set changes. 

As a versatile composer and sound designer, Alex is comfortable writing in any style and genre and can provide music to track, as well as full scores for live musicians. 




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Alex Rimes Piano Etude in B Minor perforArtist Name
Etude in A Minor by Alex RimesPerformed by Dave Culling
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